SSMU Fall Referendum Results

Midnight Kitchen, Daycare, Constitution all get majority ‘yes’ votes

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SSMU’s Fall 2013 Referendum saw all four questions passed with a majority ‘yes’ vote this year. With voter turnout at 18.3 per cent, most questions got a response rate of over 80 per cent – except for the referendum question about the Constitution, from which 48.3 per cent of voters abstained.

SSMU’s Constitution is now updated so that all parts of it are legal, according to the SSMU Executive. The fee for the SSMU Daycare – which provides priority spots to undergraduate students, and costs parents only $7 per day – is now $2.50, an increase of one dollar. Midnight Kitchen (MK) will continue to exist as a recognized student service until their next existence referendum in Fall 2016. In addition, the student fee for MK will rise by one dollar to $3.25 per semester until Fall 2016, allowing MK to pay their staff liveable wages and continue to provide accessible food.
The questions regarding indexing the MK and SSMU Daycare fees to inflation both passed.