Commentary  Smite the gods, before they smite us!


My Dearest Masi, HMB, and other ‘gods’:

Why does Masi only mention 5 per cent cuts to his and his colleague’s salaries? (“McGill $200 million in the red by 2015,” News, February 21, page 4) Why not start with 50 per cent cuts? He, along with his comrades, contributed hugely to this present funding crisis by awarding themselves $300,000 to $500,000 salaries, hiring friends and paying them the best salaries, and paying millions for top administrators who they later fired. Why has McGill spent millions on ‘beautifying’ certain buildings and offices if the finances are so bad?

In this way, little by little, you contributed to a growing disrespect of universities in our society. Now it is easier for the ruling party to introduce major educational budget cuts with the silent approval of other social sector and groups that are happy to look like less spoiled recipients of public money, for once.

Don’t worry! After 50 per cent cuts to your salaries you will still be able to buy good lunches at McGill ‘restaurants’ and give tips to poor cashiers! I, and many others who are still hard at work at McGill, are not able to eat in those luxury places (haha!) and must bring our own lunches in plastic boxes and patiently wait in line to warm it in a few dirty microwaves.

You changed your God and now pray every day to Mammon. It is time to return to your parents’ values. Yes, start to be truly religious. It will stop your mouths from talking dirty, tricky politics. Yes, somebody is watching us from above who can see our double standards. On your knees, my dear friends. Instead of barking at the present governments (as you always do), look at your own sins.


—Slawomir Poplawski