Commentary  Jesus: We were fans before he was cool


Dear Daily,

In her recent article, “The good, the bad, and God” (Features, February 14, pages 9 to10), Hannah Edmondson refers to a study in which “only 2 per cent of Montrealers profess to having a personal relationship with Jesus” and mentions that “Catholics are excluded from this study, considering that they do not personally connect with Jesus, nor share the gospel with other denominations.” This characterization of Catholics is false; many practicing Roman Catholics do claim “a personal relationship with Jesus” and are actively engaged in advancing the Christian Gospel. It is a mistake for Protestant Christians (though we disagree with our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters on many points of doctrine and practice) to be dismissive of them, especially in the context of a Quebec in which Jesus is so unknown and in which partnership between Christian churches is so necessary.

— Josiah Henderson

Recovering anti-Catholic and a member of the McGill Radical Christian Students’ Association