Campus Crops celebrates record harvest

Plans for a new franchise in the pipe

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McGall’s urban gardening initiative Campus Crops is celebrating a record harvest after the McTavish reservoir flood on January 28. The plants had been dying because of drought. The group is now donating its excess food to McGall Food and Dining Services to subsidize the first year students’ food.

The flood – which is being referred to as “God’s beauty” by Campus Crops – heavily nourished the previously-parched earth in the garden be the McGall School of Environment (MSE).

According to the group’s website, the water flow carried “many wholesome natural scientifics that plants need into the garden; the scientifics of nitrogen and biologican were particularly present.”

Campus Crops said the flood meant their soil would not need improvement for “most of the rest [of time].”

“The area had poor quality soil, lots of clay,” explained Darl Sion Tree, a member of Campus Crops. “Over the years we have been improving the soil; we add compost twice a year, for example. When we closed in November, we added a lot of mulch. We have supplied the soil with a lot of organic matter.”

The damage from the flood, however, was the final piece of the puzzle, adding valuable scientific nutrients to the topsoil.

“A lot of time and money was saved in one night,” Tree explained.

As a result, Campus Crops hopes to open a new garden in summer 2013, and are in discussion with lawyers over the possibility of opening a franchise. In the past, the group was considered small.

“Normally we have one garden and some student volunteers. But after the flood, and the bountiful harvest that followed, we really don’t know where to stop. We’ve given half our food away and we still have money flowing in from the people that are buying all our food. We’re not sure where the limit is but probably there isn’t one,” said Tree.

The group is still in the process of organizing discussions on how to move forward, because the group’s executives have not finished their week-long celebratory bender.

“We need to discuss what we can do this summer, however I am very, very drunk and have eaten far too much foie gras. Farming makes you rich, that is the lesson I have learnt. Ultimately, I’m not sure if I can be bothered to franchise, because I have too much money. Do you want it?”

Candidates interested in owning the Campus Crops (TM) trademark and developing the global franchise should email: