Supporters of Idle No More in Ottawa | January 11, 2013

| Idle No More: The Complete Daily Coverage


February 21 | Val Napoleon speaks on Indigenous law

February 18 | Voice of Thousands March sets off from West Island

February 18 | Hundreds march for Indigenous women

February 4 | Former MP and Aboriginal activist discuss Idle No More

January 29 | Aboriginal activists highlight importance of education

January 28 | SSMU Council talks tar sands, Idle No More

January 21 | Idle No More takes to Montreal streets

January 17 | Mohawk Traditional Council declines to endorse Idle No More

January 13 | Hundreds march downtown in solidarity with Idle No More



The willow that weeps no more

A look into the coverage of #IdleNoMore in mainstream media and McGill’s place in an Indigenous peoples’ movement.

January 11 | #J11 | Ottawa
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January 16 | Idle No More Demonstration | Montreal

January 11 | Idle No More Demonstration | Montreal



January 17 | It’s about people, not politics

January 17 | Decolonize yourself



January 17 | Idols of colonialism no more

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