Compendium  Di Anna awarded Royal Kiss

Princes Di Anna, Vice Principal (Counting and Adding Up) at McGall University, has been awarded a Royal Kiss for his service to ledgers and graph paper.

The Queen paid a visit to McGall last Thursday to award Di Anna his Royal Peck On The Cheek, the eleventh highest honour the Queen can bestow on a university administrator.

At the ceremony, held before a baffled crowd at Igloofest, the Queen said Di Anna “was not an unexceptional role-model for grey and dreary middle managers everywhere.”

“And at least this Di Anna didn’t try and insinuate himself into the Royal bloodline, amirite?” said the Queen to the Igloofest crowd.

Di Anna, who joined McGall in 2010 and is responsible for Pencil Sharpening, Filing Cabinets, and Turning Off The PCs, told the Twice-a-Weekly he is “delighted” by the award.

“I am delighted to receive the Royal Kiss,” said Di Anna. “But I was sort of hoping for Kate Middleton.”