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Referendum endorsements from The Daily


Increase of the SSMU base fee towards the McGill Student Emergency Response Team Referendum: YES

The McGill Student Emergency Response Team, or M-SERT, has been steadily expanding its coverage for the last seven years, providing essential first response medical care to students, athletes, and community members. Student-run and staffed entirely by volunteers, M-SERT is a great example of a community service that asks very little and gives so much back. In this question, they are asking for a 50-cent fee increase, to pay for training and supplies that could protect you or loved ones in the event of injury, allergic reaction, alcohol poisoning, or any other medical crisis. They offer an amazing service and keep our campus and community safe and healthy. This is a no-brainer – vote yes!


Increase of CKUT’s opt-outable fee: YES

CKUT 90.3 is seeking a $1 increase to their opt-outable fee, bringing the fee to $5 a semester for full time students, $3 for part time students. This is the first fee increase – despite increased costs and inflation – since its founding in 1988.

CKUT, our campus community station for the last 25 years, is a place that welcomes anyone who ambles through their front door at University and Pine. Through its musical content, talk shows, and radio journalism, CKUT gives everyone a voice, connects and broadens community, and encourages creative and critical growth. Even if you’re not a big fan of the radio, campus culture is not a la carte – supporting groups like CKUT means a more vibrant community for everyone. This won’t be possible if CKUT can’t afford to keep their doors (and arms) open, so vote yes.