News | Arts Undergraduate Society VP Events resigns

During last Wednesday’s Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) Council meeting, VP Events Josh Greenberg was notably absent. Speaking with The Daily following the closed session, AUS President Devon LaBuik stated that Greenberg resigned from his position for “personal reasons.”

Greenberg’s resignation took place last week according to LaBuik. As of Wednesday night Greenberg’s biography was still up on the AUS website.

When asked of a successor to Greenberg’s position LaBuik told The Daily that the search had not yet started but that a replacement would be found this month.

“Right now we are still deciding how to chose it, but hopefully we will have someone by November 28th. It will either be someone from within the AUS or we will hold an election,” he said. “Though that being said an election might be impractical at this point in time because we can’t hold it this semester because we can’t do it constitutionally.”

“If we were to hold it next semester we wouldn’t be able to have a VP Events until mid-February. So essentially we would have a VP Events for one month and then we would have to select a new one. So we are still deciding,” LaBuik continued.

In the AUS Constitution, article 12.13 states, “In the event that one of the Vice-Presidents positions is or becomes vacant, the Council or General Assembly shall elect a replacement, in accordance with the Electoral by-laws, from amongst its members until a by-election, if deemed necessary, is held.

Greenberg, as AUS VP Events, sat on the events planning committee. When asked if there would be any problems with the committee due to his resignation LaBuik stated: “We have taken care of it.”

Almost an hour of the meeting was spent in confidential session, previous to which council members had to sign confidentiality agreements.

The rest of the meeting, which continued in open session, was focused on approving money from the Fine Arts Council (FAC) to campus publications such as The Veg and Steps as well as to the Fridge Door Gallery and the Undergraduate Theatre Society.

On Monday, AUS will be holding its first General Assembly of the year in the FDA Auditorium. The next AUS Council meeting will be held on November 28.