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Black tights torn in Blackader

Most hipsters too self-absorbed to notice

This story is still developing. 

While the McGall Library Community has calmed down after last week’s Autumn Sweater infestation, patrons were alarmed at the jarring Tight Rippage in the Blackader-Hipsterman Library earlier this morning.

U3 Art History student Odette Friperie tore the front of her favourite black tights. The tear resulted from a minor scuffle over an empty computer chair near the window, some eyewitnesses state.

“I mean it’s kinda embarrassing, because, like, Blackader is suuu-uch a scene and everyone saw it. But, like, I think she can pull them off. It’s like, kinda Courtney Love-y, ya know?” noted U0 student Kiki McMolson, whose major is still undecided.

A medical examination states that the incision is not fatal, and the tights could be wearable with a longer dress. So long as the outfit is not “trying too hard,” as another eyewitness explained.

Friperie is still in the single-washroom, with a close friend. They are currently in negotiations over three bobby pins, but will comment on the issue later.

The other victim’s Cheap Monday jeans are still intact. She could not be reached for comment, as she left for a film screening immediately after the incident.