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GA motions pass online ratification

The Students’ Society of McGill University’s (SSMU) Fall General Assembly (GA) motions re: Renaming the SSMU Breakout Room and re: Installation of a Bouldering Wall – both of which passed with quorum in the GA before moving to online ratification – were ratified online and are thus officially adopted.

Elections SSMU released the results in an email to SSMU members last Thursday. The motion regarding renaming the SSMU breakout room to the Madeleine Parent Room passed its online ratification with 2,002 “yes” votes and 459 “no” votes. The motion regarding the installation of a bouldering wall in the sub-basement of the Shatner Building passed with 2,024 “yes” votes and 530 “no” votes.

A total of 2,931 students participated in online ratification, according to Elections SSMU’s online results report.

This was the first GA to include online ratification since fall 2008.

“I think online ratification went well,” SSMU President Josh Redel wrote to The Daily in an email. “Considering that a lot of people thought nothing would pass if it went to online ratification, I’m glad to see that we were able to get them passed.”

The online voting page also featured embedded YouTube videos from the GA to aid online voters in their decisions.

“I am also glad to see the decent amount of views on the embedded YouTube videos of debate surrounding the motions,” wrote Redel. “Certainly just the start to how we make online ratification strong, but a good start!”