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Salvadore Daliance does the dirty

Lothario’s sexual abstinence over

Well hello there, my radiant readers. When last we spoke, I was in the midst of a sexual strike because, let’s face it, men sometimes suck, and, really, who has time for snogging amidst reading, writing, and being a wannabe journalist?

However, after four months of summer, and the exposed skin, sultry air, and inebriated states that accompanied them, I’ve cum to a revelation. Even though romantic partners can sometimes be a nuisance – even a downright headache – they can also give you orgasms, and that’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

So my new credo, for the time being at least, is, if you want it, get it. Because there are two big “O”s in YOLO, and that’s gotta be a sign. Godspeed, and let’s get laid.

Salvadore Daliance sometimes writes columns about love and sex. Reach him in the ether.