News  News Brief: AHCS-GSA votes to end strike

A motion to end the Art History and Communications Studies Graduate Student Association (AHCS-GSA) strike passed unanimously last Tuesday at a General Assembly held in the basement of the Arts building.  There were 19 members present.

The strike had been ongoing since April 6, and was declared in response to the Liberal government’s proposed tuition hike. The motion cited the election of the Parti Québécois to a minority government and the promises made by its leader Pauline Marois to abolish the hike and overturn Law 12 as the reason for the decision.

With this motion, the AHCS-GSA also decided to mobilize for the September 22 demonstration to “celebrate the strike’s conclusion and to maintain pressure on the newly elected government to keep [its] promises and push for a national summit on education in Quebec.”

The AHCS-GSA plans to pressure the McGill administration to revoke disciplinary charges brought against student strikers, and to reimburse fees already levied for tuition hikes.
The motion credited “the longest and largest student strike in Canadian history” for the Liberal party losing its majority.