News  CultMTL goes to print

CultMTL, the publication founded by six former editors and freelancers of the now defunct Montreal Mirror, published and distributed 9,000 copies of their first ever print issue – a student guide to Montreal – at both Concordia campuses, the downtown McGill campus, and outside Dawson College today. An additional 1,000 copies will be distributed at POP Montreal.

“We’re hoping to do this on a semi-regular basis, but the priority is still on the website,” Cult Music Editor Lorraine Carpenter told The Daily.

In print for 27 years, the Mirror was the city’s only remaining alternative newsweekly when its corporate owner, Quebecor Media, announced late last June that the publication would be closing.

Upon hearing the news, its editors and freelancers hatched a plan to fill the void left by the paper’s closure.

A week later, CultMTL went live online, and has since been publishing about forty articles a week about Montreal food, music, books, and fashion.  The online publication is largely staffed by former Mirror contributors and editors, and features familiar Mirror landmarks such as Rantline and Sasha’s sex advice column.

The Mirror also published a student guide every fall.

“The Mirror’s student guide was such a valuable resource, but it needed to be overhauled, it was kind of this dry, heavy insert,” said Carpenter. “We included a lot more fun stuff.”

The guide lists cheap eats and shops around the city, and provides advice about everything from housing, transportation, and bed bugs to sex and pot paraphernalia. It also includes a cutout kit to joining the student movement.