Commentary  Welcome to The Daily!


Neither beholden to profit, nor to any political or administrative body, The McGill Daily is your independent, student-run, campus-community newspaper. While most other independent publications must pander to the whims of advertisers and circulation, The Daily’s autonomy allows us to maintain editorial independence. Our Statement of Principles (SoP) requires us to cover issues that are ignored by mainstream media and provide space to marginalized voices. All events are inherently political; all voices ought to be heard. Our content strives to be inclusive of subjects pertaining to race, gender, age, social class, sexuality, religion, ability, and cultural identity, and to challenge all forms of oppression.

When The Daily was founded in 1911, its pages lacked a strong editorial voice. Since then, we have evolved into a publication that embodies critical discourse on issues relevant to both McGill and the wider Montreal community. In 1977, the Daily Publications Society (DPS) saw the first issue of Le Délit, McGill’s only francophone publication. In 1981, The Daily gained editorial independence from SSMU, giving us more autonomy over our editorial content. From sit-ins in the sixties to the occupations of last year, The Daily has been there, reported on, and photographed it all.

The Daily seeks to blur the lines between readers, contributors, and editors. Our editorial board – consisting of undergraduate students who are elected each year – is organized as a collective along nonhierarchical lines and practices consensus-based decision making. Every full-time undergraduate student is a member of the DPS and is encouraged to contribute in a variety of ways: no experience required.

Thirteen sections await your writing, photography, illustrations, computer skills, voice, intelligence, and wit, so get involved today!