News  Graduate students organize McTavish teach-in

Students deliver letter to administration criticizing administration’s response to strike

Starting at noon Tuesday about 90 students attended a teach-in on McTavish outside of the Shatner building.

The teach-in was organized by the Association des étudiant(e)s en langue et literature françaises inscrit(e)s aux etudes supérieures (ADELFIES), which represents graduate students in French language and literature at McGill.

ADELFIES is in its third week of participating in the unlimited general strike. The fourth vote on whether to review the strike mandate is set to occur on Friday.

The teach featured lectures from History professor James Krapfl and Éric Martin, the co-founder of l’Institut de recherche et d’informations socio-économiques (IRIS). French language and literature professor Alain Farah facilitated translation of the lectures, questions, and discussion.

Before the teach-in began, a letter, which was delivered to the McGill administration, was read out in French concerning the University’s MROs and handling of the student strike.

“The administration has produced a dangerous amalgamation of violence and demonstrating,” said the student, who read the statement in French. “The resistance against tuition hikes is systematically assimilated with a violent struggle while its participants are threatened on campus.”

Krapfl addressed students before beginning his lecture. “This is essentially a test for teachers. We’re seeing now in front of us what we have been doing for the past several years. You are showing us what you have learned and right now today I am impressed,” he said.

A tent and microphone were set up on the street. PGSS VP External Mariève Isabel was present for the teach-in. She said that PGSS assisted ADELFIES with some of the costs associated with the event and provided materials.

“It’s them who organized it, we’re just offering support,” she explained.

“There’s a lot of teachers here [from the group “Teachers contre la hausse”] I even saw retired teachers from the French language and literature department that are here today so that’s great,” she added.

One student who walked by the teach-in addressed participants. “Don’t you guys have class?” he asked.