Commentary  Winter 2012 Referendum endorsements

Vote online at until 5 p.m on Wednesday.

1. Addition of an Interfaculty Arts and Science Representative on the SSMU Legislative Council. Vote ‘yes’. Someone’s gotta be reppin’ Arts and Science on SSMU Council. Plus, 98 per cent of  Arts and Science students want someone reppin their game.

2. Question Regarding the Composition of Council. Vote ‘yes’.  As cool as Architecture is, they don’t need a rep to EUS and to SSMU.

3. Question Regarding Reform of the Judicial Board to comply with Quebec Law. Vote ‘yes’. The Jay-Z board doesn’t need another legal encore. They shouldn’t be the highest governing body, rather, they should be the Mike Jordan of reportin’ to the SSMU Board of Directors.

4. Question Regarding Judicial Board Procedural Accountability. Vote ‘yes’. Keep the Jay-Z board’s procedures public. Peepz gotta know what’s happenin’ with all campus governing bodies.

5. Question Regarding the SSMU Health and Dental Plan. Vote ‘yes’. SSMU Health and Dental fee has gotta go up. Gotta get yo cavities drilled, and the cost of polishing grillz is goin’ up.

6. Question Regarding CKUT Opt-Out. Vote ‘yes’. Again, don’t let opt-outs kill the radio star. CKUT can’t operate without paying various fixed costs. Opt-outs make CKUT way less awesome. (Full disclosure, The Daily collaborates on a podcast with CKUT, Unfit To Print.)

7. Question Regarding Composition of the Judicial Board. Vote ‘yes’. The Jay-Z board needs non-lawyers too. All Jay-Z board members go through one intense selection process. And, still, the majority of Jay-Z Board members would be third or fourth year Law students.