News  “McGill Five” endorsements: Mylène Freeman

The 2012 NDP leadership race

Endorsement: Neutral

The McGill Daily: Why are you staying neutral?

Mylène Freeman: I think that we’ve got really strong candidates and I just haven’t been able to choose. So, we will see, I think we will be in good hands no matter what.

MD: What are your thoughts on the possibility of the party moving more to the political centre under Mulcair?

MF: I think that, as a member of caucus, that the party has always been heading in the right direction. It will be a natural process. Whatever direction we go in, it’s going to involve all members of the caucus who have been around and working and have been really trying to do things differently than the other parties have.

MD: What does the next NDP leader need to do to bring the party to power?

MF: We need to reach out to areas and branches of support that traditionally have not necessarily voted for us because they weren’t necessarily aware that we were there. Like in Quebec, a lot of the people when reached with our message sort of felt that it came to get them, and [they] voted on that and feel very comfortable having done that. And there are a lot of places in Canada that we haven’t made that breakthrough, shown that we are credible…the West, for example: we have done well with voter support but we don’t really have seats.