Booty Bakery makes beats not treats

Fabien Maltais-Bayda sits down with McGill DJ Victor Bongiovanni

St. Laurent is replete with possible diversions for students pretty much any night of the week. Choosing from this smorgasbord of nightlife can present a bit of a challenge, and trying to narrow down the options can be dizzying.

A good place to start is with an event run by students. After all, students know what students like, right? Enter Victor Bongiovanni, a McGill student who is also part of the team behind Booty Bakery, a Thursday night bash that takes place every week at the popular, Blue Dog Motel.

Since we’re both students who engage in way too much extracurricular activity, Bongiovanni and I didn’t have time to meet up face to face, so we took advantage of social media for a quick interview.

The McGill Daily (MD): So Victor, how and when did you start DJing? Where have you played, and how did you get started on Booty Bakery?

Victor Bongiovanni (VB): I started DJing more seriously this summer with some friends and started getting a couple gigs regularly. I mostly play at Velvet in the old port, Booty Bakery, and afterparties. Phil Sparkz, Compton Chic and I originally played an all-nighter loft party on thursday nights called Sanctuary. My favorite memory of that time was having Teki Latex play with us till the late AM. Booty Bakery was just the natural progression from Sanctuary.

MD: What music have you been listening to and playing lately? Any Montreal artists you’re particularly into right now?

VB: I’ve actually been listening to a lot of Montreal music lately. You just have to look at Montreal’s presence at SXSW to realise how bubbling the city is at the moment. From beatmakers like Kaytradamus of the artbeat crew, to D’eon who’s new album is dropping very soon, as well as Grimes and Mozart’s Sister. What we play at Booty Bakery is a bit different though…

MD: What does Booty Bakery offer to students? How does it add to Montreal student nightlife?

VB: If you’re into sizzurp, bass music and booty, you should come to Booty Bakery. Booty Bakery offers students the opportunity to fulfill their natural need to twerk.

MD: What artists have you guys hosted at Booty Bakery? What can attendees expect this week? Tell us a little bit about your guest artists?

VB: In the past we’ve had artists like French Fries, Bambounou, Full Crate, Kaytradamus, Jokers Of The Scene, Boomclap Soundcrew, Lol Boys, Sleepyhead, Sibian & Faun, ESL & Nasty FM, Artbeat Crew and many more. This week is going to be ridiculous. Nguzunguzu & Salva are flying in Thursday from LA to show us how it’s done. One half of Nguzunguzu, DJ Asma, is M.I.A’s tour DJ. Two halves of Nguzunguzu is a whole experience. Salva is an LA producer and DJ head of the Frite Nite Record Label. Things should get pretty naughty.

MD: What are the future plans for Booty Bakery?

VB: We’re going to keep it going for a while but we’re planning something big in October. Stay tuned.


Check out Victor Bongiovanni and Booty Bakery Thursday nights at The Blue Dog Motel (3958 St. Laurent).