News  Motions for SSMU Winter GA released

SSMU President Maggie Knight previewed the motions for the upcoming SSMU General Assembly (GA) at last week’s Legislative Council. Knight also expressed her enthusiasm over student participation in the writing and presentation of motions for this GA.

“There were some really exciting motions, and not all of them were moved by people who sit on this Council,” said Knight.

One such instance was the “Motion Regarding Student Strike Solidarity Fund” submitted by Arts students Daniel Wolfe and Kevin Paul.

The motion is an attempt to create a strike solidarity fund, which would serve to provide financial support to students who cannot meet basic needs due to the effects of a student strike. A general student strike is expected to begin in Quebec next month.

SSMU Clubs and Services Representative Adam Winer moved a motion seeking to reduce “negative corporate influence on campus.” The motion resolves that the “SSMU works to build a University community governed by students, staff and faculty internal to the University community rather than by corporate agenda.”

The “Motion Regarding Denouncement of Bill C-10,” moved by Law Representative Ian Clarke, would mandate SSMU to denounce the bill – the Conservatives’ contested Safe Streets and Community Act – in the media and to the Minister of Justice.

The motion stands out because it deals with affairs external to SSMU. Such motions require a quorum of 500 students, as per Article 28.2 of the SSMU Constitution.

Councillors expressed a concern over the space capabilities of the Shatner ballroom if 500 people try to attend the GA.

Knight told Council that those details were yet to be resolved.

“If it happens, that would be more than the capacity of the ballroom, so obviously in that event then it will be fishy, and we will see what we can do about that,” she said.

Other motions include the “Commission of a Reasonably Priced yet Glorious Portrait of Karl Marx, to be Displayed Publicly in the William Shatner University Centre” and a “Motion to Reform Frosh.”

The GA is set to be held on Wednesday, February 1 at 4:30 p.m. in the Shatner ballroom.