News | Engineering council amends OAP bylaws

The Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) discussed the Jutras Report – released last month in response to the events of November 10 – as well as changes to the Open Air Pub (OAP), during their first Council meeting of the semester on Monday.

A motion concerning amendments to the OAP bylaws passed. The amendments include a starker difference between the roles of VP Finance and the Chair of the OAP Committee regarding the execution and financing of OAP. The amendments also added a section on sponsorship, whereas up to three cooperate sponsors will be allowed kiosks per day. Previously, there had been no clause specifying a limit on corporate sponsorship. The event will now also serve non-alcoholic beverages.

The meeting included some general remarks from EUS President Josh Redel. Redel noted that the intramural broomball arena – termed the Iron Rink – will have its grand opening tomorrow, with various pick-up games planned.

Redel noted that the EUS was unable to carry out their previously planned improvements to the rink, due to McGill decreasing the amount of their funding. The University had anticipated higher performance from the fund financing the rink than it received.

“McGill went from giving [EUS] $55,000, to $15,000, to $1,000, but only if we really need it,” Redel said to Council. The installed improvements include an enlargement of the rink as well as new sideboards.

Discussion of the Jutras Report was limited. Ethan Landy, president of the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Society, said that, “[The report] was pretty well-balanced, and a lot of the claims that the students made in terms of the physical abuse were addressed and confirmed.”

“I didn’t find it biased,” Landy added.