Commentary  Respect your community

The administration should meet MUNACA’s reasonable demands

Dear Principal Munroe-Blum,

I am a student at McGill, as well as an employee, and I am ashamed about the administration’s handling of the MUNACA strike. While I understand McGill has financial troubles, I am rather perplexed by the prioritization of funds; administrators receive oversized salaries and bonuses while the workers who allow McGill to function are refused reasonable wages. Meanwhile, administrators have addressed the strike with condescending, dismissive, and unprofessional language.

You and your colleagues are denying the severe impact that the strike has had on students and workers alike; everything is not ‘business as usual.’  In my experience alone, I have had difficulty getting an appointment at the health center because the nurses are part of MUNACA. I have had my research impeded because the librarians are part of MUNACA. I have had my coursepacks and textbooks delayed because the bookstore’s shipping department is part of MUNACA. I have received slowed service and had processing of important documents delayed because workers at Service Point are part of MUNACA. I have seen my managers and other non-MUNACA members become overloaded with work because they must cover for striking MUNACA members. And I have seen the activities of friends and fellow students disrupted by the strike and seen them become outraged by your reaction to it all.

I believe MUNACA’s demands are reasonable and should be met, and that bargaining should be settled soon for the well-being of McGill University.  Furthermore, I urge that all future emails from yourself and your colleagues should adopt a tone of respect for your community.

I am a McGill student and I stand with MUNACA.

Nora Belblidia is a  U4 Geography student. You can reach her at