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Union asking alumni to stop donating until strike resolved

According to Kevin Whittaker, president of MUNACA, the recent injunction, which restricts the unions group size, noise level, and proximity to the University, has forced them to “expand our abilities and messages outside of the McGill community.”

According to Whittaker, the union is asking McGill alumni not to donate to the University until the strike is resolved. The announcement preceded McGill’s three days of Homecoming events, which began today.

“If [alumni] wish to do so afterwards, we would encourage them to wait until that time,” he said.

MUNACA has also attempted to put pressure on members of McGill’s Board of Governors (BoG) by demonstrating outside their offices this week.

According to a MUNACA press release, the union recieved a “firm commitment” from BoG member Kathy Fazel early yesterday that she will “contact her fellow Board of Governors members and ask that they work for a quick solution to the conflict.” Fazel has been a member-at-large of McGill’s BoG with RBC since February 2008.

MUNACA VP Finance David Kalant commented in the press release that “while we are pleased to get a firm commitment from Mme. Fazel, we will make sure that she follows through on her commitment.”