News  Macdonald Campus Council supports strikers right to peaceful picketing

The Macdonald Campus Students’ Society (MCSS) Council met for the first time this year on Tuesday.

Objections were raised to a resolution opposing McGill’s recent court injunction limiting the campus picketing activities of the McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association (MUNACA) strikers.  The resolution, proposed by VP Finance Nicolas Chatel-Lamay, was amended to address the injunction while focusing primarily on support for “the right of McGill workers to express themselves through a peaceful picket line.”

Discussion revolved around whether picketing on the downtown campus had been conducted peacefully before McGill had won the injunction.

Chatel-Lamay noted a difference in tone between the MUNACA demonstrations downtown and those held on the Macdonald campus. “What’s happening on this campus is security guards are smiling and taking coffee with the workers. That’s not happening downtown,” he said.

Hesitance to fully condone downtown strikers’ activities led Council to amend the resolution, which passed unanimously.

McGill originally sought the court injunction, which restricts the size, location, and noise level of pickets, on September 23. It has now been extended until October 13.

Two representatives from McGill Food and Dining Services (MFDS) won a unanimous MCSS endorsement for their sustainability policies, which include efforts to better incorporate local, organic, sustainable and whole foods into their operations and increase purchasing from the Macdonald farm to supply both McGill campuses. Council agreed to endorse the policies, with a verbal assurance that student-run food operations would not be curtailed as long as they observed MFDS sustainability standards.

Darya Nanova, a representative for the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union’s nationwide food drive effort, spoke about the initiative and requested space on the Macdonald campus. The group is organizing the food drive to raise awareness about the Holodomor famine of the 1930’s, which killed several million Ukrainians. Proceeds will be donated to local food banks in early December.

Council also reviewed and approved new club constitutions, club funding requests, and the fall budget.

Preparations were discussed for halloween celebrations and for the Thanksgiving Hoe-Down party, to be held in a barn on Macdonald campus over Thanksgiving weekend.