Commentary  A personal appeal

The spouse of a MUNACA member speaks out

Knowledge is power. I hope more students will take the time and learn the reasons why MUNACA is on its current path.  That everyone realizes the weekly, one sided, mass circulation of emails and ‘updates’ by the administration contain some erroneous information where MUNACA does not have the same opportunity to address these errors. And, to the professors and other employees, put aside your fear of repercussion from the administration. We all have one obligation, and that is to inform ourselves of the truth before we render an opinion.

You may think that this is not your ‘fight’; you are wrong. This is not a MUNACA issue; it is now at the very core of the rights of all who are part of the McGill community and those of us on the outside. We live in a “not my problem” era. Let’s change that.  The administration’s actions will be the same for anyone standing for change and those expressing their rights. The injunction and for anyone to silence the student protesters on Monday, September 26, have made that very clear.

Consider your mother, father, sister, brother, or (future) spouse being a MUNACA member who is treated with disregard, disrespect, and stripped of their rights. What would it take for you to help your loved ones?

Listen to your hearts and conscious and rise and take a stand for what is right – help them get this resolved now. Helping them, will help yourself and many more today, and in the future.

Just as MUNACA members, you chose to attend McGill based on its reputation and quality of services as an educational institution – help those members get back to doing what they love and back to helping the countless students they come in contact with. Help McGill return to what it should be – an institution where everyone has rights and is treated with respect and dignity. As it is, the administration’s reputation is just a façade; they have clearly shown that by trying to strip MUNACA of its reputation and rights.

You are 35,000 + strong – stand up for what you know is right without fear and without indifference. You have the power to instill change – be the voice that McGill is trying to silence.

Stand tall, stand proud.

Lisa Di Michele is a Certified International Trade Professional and  Spouse of a MUNACA member.