Groupie gossip

How to find your perfect student group match!

Habitat for Humanity
This nonprofit organization can be found at McGill working tirelessly to give a helping hand to Montreal’s disadvantaged.

Hillel McGill
A hip hangout for students looking to meet fellow Jewish students and to observe holidays with the community. They made waves in recent years lobbying against SSMU motions to divest from companies working in the West Bank.

Journalists for Human Rights
An organization working ‘round the world, the McGill chapter publishes a magazine featuring student work on important global issues. Despite rumours of romantic sparks with the Daily, sources say both parties are too focused on their respective work to commit to a relationship, but remain close friends.

Liberal Party of McGill
Still smarting from a crushing election defeat, McGill’s chapter is NOT licking its wounds. A podium for the politically active, they’ll also be hosting Liberal politicians all year, no matter who’s in Parliament.

Muslim Students Association (MSA)
Observers of the world’s largest religion have MSA to help them socialize and observe. Support “activities brought into accordance with [the] Quran and Sunnah.”

Looking out for campus’ non-academic workers, they are shocking the school by STRIKING today after nasty negotiations with the admin this summer.

NDP McGill
The NDP were the hot news of the summer with five STUDENTS from this club elected to parliament, their sweeping electoral successes and the tragic death of leader Jack Layton will make this a big year for the NDP and their McGill chapter.

Outdoors Club
Fresh air and fun can turn tragic and deadly in the Canadian wilderness, but traveling with the Outdoors Club should keep you safe with your fellow granola-enthusiasts.

Organic Campus
This nonprofit student service is “dedicated to bringing local organic fruits and vegetables” to Shatner on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Education on healthy and sustainable food practices are also available. Make sure you try the delicious sweet potato cinnamon bread – it’s what we’d call finger lickin’ good.

Plate Club
Green is so in this season, and Plate Club gives students the ability to help the earth every day. They provide reusable dishes to students for use in the SSMU cafeteria and lending out glasses, plates and cutlery for on campus events. Find them in the SSMU cafeteria on weekdays or visit their office in Shatner 201.

Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG)
A student run, non-profit organization that coordinates research, action, and education on issues relating to social justice and the environment. Students can get involved with one of their working groups or apply to start their own. Rumour has it that they even organize Rad Frosh – an alternative frosh each September and continue to organize events such as Social Justice Days throughout the year.

Queer McGill
Promotes the social and political well being of queer people at McGill. A knowledgeable source tells us that their office is a safe space to discuss queer issues.

Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR)
A student run organization that takes a strong social justice stand to promote Palestinian human rights locally and internationally. Among other advocacy activities and actions, they are involved with planning Israeli Apartheid week each year.

A Montreal-based collective that considers Israel an apartheid state, and has joined an international movement for boycotts, divestments, and sanctions against Israel.

Student Society of McGill University (SSMU)
SSMU is a total superstar society – it’s the student government representing all undergrads at McGill. They’re housed in the Shatner building (at 3480 McTavish), a VIP hotspot during the school yeah. They hold bi-weekly council meetings and a twice-yearly General Assembly, where all students can voice their opinion to the SSMU execs.

Post Graduate Student Society (PGSS)
Another society hotshot – PGSS is the student government representing grad students at McGill. They hold monthly council meetings and lobby for student issues at both the provincial and federal level.