The city’s best bits revealed!

Montreal Planetarium | 1000 St-Jacques
Great balls of fire! Here you can catch a glimpse of stars off the red carpet. Uranus never looked so good.

Montreal Symphony Orchestra | 260 Maisonneuve O
At this hot spot, a black-tie crowd soaks up Bach and Brahms. A source tells us monocles are worn, money is burned, and souls are lifted. Check you local listing to get the 411 on upcoming concerts.

Cinema du Parc | 3575 Parc
Star-studded cellar cinema saves starving students’ silver. Frequent foreign flick flood this film fantasia.

The Word | 469 Milton
This McGill ghetto bookworm hub buys and sells old textbooks. No plastic accepted here, just
cold hard cash. Or, bring your old textbooks in and get something in return.

Drawn and Quarterly | 211 Bernard Ouest
Bad guys beware! This independent graphic novel trove saves Mile End from the evils of corporate comics.

Tam Tams | George-Etienne Cartier Monument, Parc Mont-Royal
Sunday afternoons
At this mountain party, flower power rules. Drums are drummed and drags are taken; shoes and socks are always optional. To tie-dye for!

St. Michel Market | 3250 Cremazie E
Knick knacks strike back! Vintage triumphs at the St. Michel Market, which is filled with trinkets and second-hand steals. It’s a safe haven for hoarders and nostalgics; neat-freaks, beware.

Parisian Laundry | 3550 St-Antoine O
Secret art gallery near Solin revealed! This gallery turns industrial space into installation art. Home to white wine vernissages, and even white collars.

Eva B | 2013 St-Laurent
Clothes pile 20 feet high at this stellar friperie. Home to monstrous $1 clothing mountain, celebrity sightings of Mick Jagger boots and Leonard Cohen Suits. Also serves up free espresso and self-expression.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts | 1380 Sherbrooke O
Contemporary Art Museum of Montreal | 184 Ste-Catherine O
These Montreal museums maintain many masterpieces, both modern and magnificent. M.A.C. tix are a pit pricey, but M.M.F.A is cheap as free!