Hot Wheels

Transportation to get you where you need to go!

Where to buy a bike:

craigslist |
This flashy webzine offers everything from vintage banana seat low riders to off road unicycles. Just name a price, and you’re guaranteed to find a bargain. Make sure you only buy if you’re confident that your new ride won’t fall apart after hitting one of those vicious Montreal potholes that are the cause of 78 per cent of all biking-without-hands-induced road accidents.

Velomakak | 215 Murray
A popular shop stuffed with bikes and their parts. They may not always pay attention to bike registration or to the true origins of certain parts, but the price is pretty much always right. Bring a bike-savvy friend.

Velo Villeneuve | 207 Beaubien E. (temporary)
If you’ve got green in your back pocket, invest in one of Villeneuve’s finest fixies. The trendy Mile End bike shop offers a variety of flashy steels and wheels for those who can afford them. Currently in the midst of a move, they can be found at 207 Beaubien in Little Italy.

Where to get bikes fixed:

The Flat | Shatner basement
McGill’s very own bike co-op has everything you need to revitalize your rusty ride. Flats and bent rims are no longer a problem, even if you aren’t a McGill student. You’ll find everything in their expansive used parts collection, from bells and reflectors to bottom brackets and fenders. Look out for their workshops on Wednesdays to learn

about your ride and how to patch it up.

Belleville Cycle Co-op | 2111, rue de Bleury
If you would wanna mingle with the hats and fixies of Montreal’s numerous bike messengers while you repair your flat or buy streamers for your handlebars, Belleville is the place to go. Plus, it happens to be very close to McGill’s downtown campus.
Right to Move | 2153 Mackay
Started by QPIRG Concordia in 1997, Right to Move is a non profit bike collective which offers drop-in sessions or DIY hours to reanimate your cycle. Hands on workshops are offered in English and French.

Bikurious | 1757 Amherst
If you want to save time and get
that lesbian haircut you’ve always

wanted while your ride is being
overhauled, Bikurious is most likely your number one choice. The queer bike shop not only fixes bikes, it also hosts movie screenings, art openings, and supports oodles of diverse initiatives, projects, and people.

J.R. Cyclery | 201 Rachel E.
A popular spot around the Plateau. J.R. offers one of the widest selections

of cycle accessories in town, and they’ll repair or brush up your two-wheeler at an affordable price.

Cycle Technique | 788 Atwater
If racing in goggles and short shorts
is more your thing, consider Cycle Technique your destination. They provide services ranging from training centres with high performance treadmills and a double endless pool to yoga and pilates classes. Oh, and they maintain your ride, too.