Commentary  It was fun, Daily!

Hello and Goodbye,
My four years at McGill are just about up, and I want to thank The Daily for eight semesters of mostly enjoyable reading. The Daily has been by my side, reminding me of leftist student discontent, through 120 credits, one faculty switch, and three different majors. Thanks for the good times, it’s comforting knowing that one of my more permanent legacies at McGill is my handful of wiseass and sarcastic letters that I wrote to The Daily now and again. They all can be easily re-read on the online archive… that and a few scribbled Sean Turner jokes ain’t a bad thing to leave behind. My biggest regret is not writing The Daily article that I’ve been researching my whole time here: The search for the best bathroom on campus.

Bon Voyage,

P.S…The best bathroom on campus is next to MMR, the underground sound stage in the new music building. It’s two stories underground, extremely clean, quiet, underused, always empty, and has great acoustics.

Peter Fusco
U3 Political Science and Jewish Studies