Commentary | Don’t cut off your nose!

Re: “Students question Hebrew University partnership” | News | March 28

Queen Arsem-O’Malley’s article on March 28 refers to student condemnation of McGill’s recent partnership with Hebrew University for its alleged support of Israeli occupation. An editorial in the same issue reiterates these beliefs. However, these voices of opposition neglect to mention the vast changes McGill needs to implement before it is fully detached from the “apartheid state.” Since no one likes half-baked activism, I suggest they consider implementing the following:
First, McGill needs to rethink computers; the Pentium processor and a majority of Windows software owe their creation to Intel Israel and Microsoft Israel, respectively. Considering McGill is mostly stocked with PCs, we may want to consider joining team Mac to end apartheid. USB flash drives and instant messenger will also need to be scrapped: they too are Israeli products.
Sustainable McGill might be irritated when the University decides to boycott solar plate heating and drip irrigation, which they inevitably will have to, considering both are Israeli-born modes of sustainable energy and agriculture. There will also need to be sanctions against many life-saving drugs, such as those most often prescribed in treating multiple sclerosis. We will also have to negotiate the very fabric of the universe, since the smallest components of it, quarks, were predicted by an Israeli scientist. Also, McGill will be forced to ban cherry tomatoes.
If the anti-Israeli apartheid movement wants to blindly apply political belief to an entire nation’s culture, education system, and technological industry, then it can go right ahead; I just hope it understands all that is entailed in cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Jordana Globerman
U3 English and History