Commentary  So you want to get involved with The McGill Daily?

Here’s a bit of background: We are a collective organization with 19 staff-elected editors, who contribute to editorials, and work two nights a week to put out the newspaper. Every production night, editors perform a variety of tasks, ranging from editing stories with contributors, laying out pages, and copy editing pages, to editing photos and illustrations, and collectively discussing and editing our editorials before they are put into print.

We also meet every Monday night to discuss administrative business related to the paper, select our editorial topics for the week, and stay up to date with news about the Daily Publications Society (DPS). The DPS is the corporation that runs the business side of our independent newspaper, responsible for our finances and day-to-day operations – including advertising.

To be on staff – a necessary step on the path to being an editor – you must have written six articles, drawn six illustrations or graphics, written three features, taken six photos, come in for three full production nights to help out, or some combination. Now’s the time to find out if you are already staff, or, if you’re a new contributor, to take the next few weeks to get those points!

Deadlines: If you are interested in running for a position on The Daily’s editorial board, in addition to being  staff, you must submit a one-page candidate statement to by March 20 at midnight. Candidate run-downs will be on March 23, and elections and interviews will be held on March 24. Both events will begin at 5 p.m. in The Daily office (Shatner, B-24), and you must be present at both to vote.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to email or stop by our office in Shatner B-24 any time.