Commentary  Referendum endorsements

New and renewed fee referendums are key to student success

As with any fees, The Daily wants to emphasize the importance of accountability and responsibility in the use of student money. It is also important to note that all of these fees are opt-outable, giving no real reason to vote no to any fee that might positively enrich student life.

Referendum regarding the ambassador fee
An Ambassador fee – only created in 2010 – shows the right attitude toward supporting students looking to expand their educational experiences. Renewing the fee will give us the opportunity to continue to assess the success of this program.
Vote: Yes

Referendum regarding Midnight Kitchen fee increase
Fees going to specific student services like Midnight Kitchen are important because they reach a broad base of students who rely on them – and especially because MK is one of the only student-run food services left on campus. Increasing the fee levy for such a necessary and valuable service is the best way to help the group expand its offerings and improve its services for students. One such improvement is its expansion into room 302 and new offerings such as a lending library and music during lunchtime. The group is staking its long-term existence on our ability to give them one extra dollar, and there is no reason to make them regret their choice.
Vote: Yes

Referendum question regarding referral services fee renewal
Again, the continued provision of student services is crucial to student life on our campus, and to our relationship with the wider Montreal community. Nightline, Queer McGill, and the Union for Gender Empowerment provide services to a diverse group of students, including late-night phone lines, lounge space, as well as workshops on sexual orientation, gender, and sexual health.
Vote: Yes

Question regarding TVMcGill fee renewal
TVMcGill has been expanding its content and has been very active this year. Given that the administration has already tried to revoke their right to use the McGill name, a ten-cent per credit fee (around $1.50 a semester) seems a small price to pay to support this group.
Vote: Yes

Question regarding the creation of a fee for the McGill International Student Network
International students make up roughly 19 per cent of McGill’s student population, and the MISN provides incoming first-years each fall – and year-round – with support services including welcoming them at the airport, assigning buddies to smooth transitions, and holding cultural events throughout the year to strengthen the international student community. These services also extend through international students’ entire stay at McGill, and help students obtain work permits, renew study permits, and find housing after or in lieu of residence. They are an official service of SSMU and McGill that does not currently receive a fee, and funds events at-cost. A small fee would go a long way to expanding and improving their services.
Vote: Yes