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Re: “It’s time to stop pretending” | Letters | February 14

After reading William M. Burton’s, “It’s time to stop pretending,” (which was in response to “In defence of the Prince Arthur Herald”) and all its subsequent online commentary, all I can say is: holy fucking mudslinging.

If you think The Daily posts too much leftist commentary, write something in your own political bias. They may just publish it.

If you think the Herald posts too many blog-type posts, write a news article. They may just publish it.

We could continue to call each other vacuous, pretentious, socialist, or worse. Or we could get down to actually reporting the news.  I’m all for open student discourse via the ever-heated commenting section, (rah rah free speech!) but if we can’t behave in a professional manner, we don’t deserve to publish news at all.

I’m reminded of what Rick Mercer said of Ezra Levant, whom he called, “Without a doubt, [one] of the most aggravating men on this earth” (see YouTube: “Rick’s Rant: Ezra Levant”), Publisher of a “completely nutty magazine.” Mercer said that every time he complained to Levant, Levant said the same thing: “you should write your own column. I’ll publish it next week: word for word.”

Michelle Reddick

U2 History and Art History

Received March 5