Commentary  Art should not be exclusive

Re: “Sht tht wll fck wth yr mnd” | Culture | March 7

I was surprised and dismayed to learn that Fridge Door Gallery’s most recent endeavor, MINDFCUK, is a one-artist exhibition. My feelings have nothing to do with the artist, Aquil Virani, or his obvious talent. Rather, they stem from the fact that The Fridge Door made the choice to run a solo exhibition.

Space and opportunities like the Fridge Door are few and far between in the academic-heavy landscape of McGill. The Fridge Door, funded by the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS), is a venue that “like[s] to give everyone a chance to express themselves in something other than a 12 page term paper” (as quoted from their website).  The word “everyone” is glaringly obvious here.

I of course allow Fridge Door to exercise discretion with what sort of art they exhibit, yet I would hope that instead of promoting one artist they would attempt to offer this opportunity to more than one member of the McGill art community. I was not at all comforted by the quote in the Daily article as this being a “great way to show gratitude toward a talented friend.” This sort of exclusivity is unacceptable. The focus has increasingly narrowed on this one person (see articles in Leacocks and The Daily), all the more increasing my discomfort with student fees being used to champion this single artist.

I feel there is a better way the Fridge Door could vary the nature of their events that does not include solo shows.

The Fridge Door only hosts two or three events a year. I hope that in the future they make decisions that better reflect the minimal opportunities McGill artists have to exhibit their art and find a better way to grant favours to dedicated members.

Kerry Maguire

U2 Biology and Philosophy

Received March 8