Commentary  It’s time to stop pretending

Re: “In Defence of the Prince Arthur Herald” | Commentary | February 3

Brendan Steven’s “Defence of the Prince Arthur Herald” was a laugh. The notion that Steven and co.’s website is a “newspaper” publishing “articles” – rather than a blog putting out, well, blog posts – is farcical. Where’s the reporting? The original coverage? Any semblance of journalism?

Let’s get real. To call this blog a newspaper is disingenuous, fallacious. To call it a forum for debate may be accurate, but let’s not forget the site’s baldly partisan, manifesto-like statement of principles, calqued on the Conservative Party’s platform. Or, for that matter, that the editor-in-chief’s written output is an intellectually vacuous, pompous parroting of Tory talking-points. (See his articles in the Tribune.) His – and the Herald’s – pretensions to journalism are a joke.

William M. Burton

B.A. 2010 French Language and Literature

Former Daily Commentary & Compendium! editor

Former member, DPS Board of Directors

Member, QPIRG Board of Directors