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Council refers motion to abolish General Assembly to committee

In favour

Joshua Abaki (VP University Affairs)

Shen Chen (Science)

Eli Freedman (Management)

Céline Junke (Management President)

Basil Kadoura (Residences)

Katherine Larson (Music)

Tyler Lawson (Senate Caucus)

Emilie Leonard (Athletics)

Kallee Lins (Arts)

Kyla Martinson (Nursing)

Kady Paterson (Education)

Max Zidel (Clubs and Services Representative)

Myriam Zaidi (VP External)


Spencer Burger (Arts)

Nick Drew (VP Finance and Operations)

Tom Fabian (VP Internal)

Lauren Hudak (Science)

Stephanie Ladowski (Medicine)

Zach Margolis (Arts)

Gus Marquez (Engineering)

Zach Newburgh (President)

Nida Nizam (Clubs and Services Representative)


Maggie Knight (Clubs and Services Representative)

Amara Possian (Senate Caucus)


Anushay Khan (VP Clubs and Services)

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