EUS VP announces involvement with Jobbook

In front of EUS council VP explained the nature of his work with the site

Josh Redel, VP Communications for the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS), formally announced his involvement with startup website to EUS council Tuesday night.

Redel made a brief presentation regarding his work with the company in the fall semester, including software development and recruitment trips to other universities.

Redel travelled with SSMU President Zach Newburgh, Jobbook CEO Jean de Brabant, and two other representatives to Harvard University in mid-October. He also accompanised Concordia student Antoine de Brabant – Jean de Brabant’s son – to multiple Ontario universities, including Queen’s University and the University of Toronto, for the purpose of pitching the website to student society representatives.

Redel told The Daily that his trip to Ontario coincided with a similar trip Newburgh made to California with Jean de Brabant.

“It’s unfortunate I made these trips under the pretence of talking about student life and ended up talking about – well pitching – Jobbook,” Redel said.

Redel voiced two main regrets regarding his involvement with Jobbook: the use of his official EUS executive email in contacting representatives from Ontario universities, and approaching other universities under the pretence of wanting to talk about student life.

Newburgh also contacted other university student representatives with his SSMU email, and approached schools under similar pretences.

“I realize now that it was a very stupid decision,” said Redel in reference to using his EUS email.

Redel clarified that he “never made a decision as part of Jobbook for the EUS,” and that he did discuss student life at length with several university representatives.

Usman Shahid, EUS representative to SSMU Council, asked Redel the extent of the EUS executives’ knowledge of his activities with Jobbook. EUS President Daniel Keresteci told EUS Council that the executive was aware of Redel’s involvement with the company.

“The day after he came back from the first trip I knew exactly what had happened,” said Keresteci.

EUS Council passed a motion resolving to form a consultative forum with Engineering students on the “SSMU President-Jobbook issue.” The motion passed with only two dissenting votes.

The first forum will be held before reading week, with a second taking place after the break.