Commentary  Appropriation is disgusting

Re: “Rejecting Appropriation” | Commentary | January 27

Before I read BSN’s statement on the use of their name in the QPIRG opt-out campaign, I was unaware of the poster that defames not only the BSN, but all black students at McGill. I’m not a member of BSN, but I’m biracial – half black and half white. I’m beyond offended by this poster. I’m also deeply disappointed that I attend an institution that has groups that promote racist stereotypes for political gain.

After reading BSN’s commentary, I cried – not only because it affects me personally, but because the whole ordeal is fucking disgusting, and it literally makes my stomach churn. I had no words after I saw the poster, but I managed to string these together because I can’t be silent.

I too believe that those behind this propaganda should be reprimanded. And I too will not stand for this.

Tiana Reid

U3 International Development and Communications