Commentary  A loss of confidence

Re: “Newburgh censured” | News | February 7

What is a censure? It’s a polite request, made to a member of an elected body, to step down before their behaviour, deemed shameful, causes gridlock and contaminates the entire work of the aforementioned elected body.

Why is Zach Newburgh still president of SSMU? Where is his sense of dignity? Regardless of the morality of his involvement with Jobbook, Council’s censure sends a crystal-clear message: It’s time to go.

Step down, Newburgh. You have lost the confidence of your coworkers and your constituents.

William M. Burton

B.A. 2010 French Language and Literature

Former Daily Commentary & Compendium! editor

Former member, DPS Board of Directors

Member, QPIRG Board of Directors