Commentary  You’re at uni, use your noggin

Re: “Revisionism hurts” | Commentary | October 7

I’m disappointed in Russell Sitrit-Leibovich for publishing so much misinformation. The first line of his diatribe – “A consistent theme in Palestinian society is a rewriting of Jews out of the history of the region” – is misleading. It seems Sitrit-Leibovich doesn’t know much about Palestinian society – save what he gleans from the highly biased Fox News channel. The irony in his piece is that it’s actually Israel that systematically seeks to erase Arab roots in Israel and the Occupied Territories. Arabic names of street signs are erased, the Palestinian narrative is not taught in schools, and illegal settlements continue to eat into the West Bank – forcing Palestinians from their ancestral land.

Sitrit-Leibovich, you are a university student. Please do your research and use credible sources next time.

Katia Dmitrieva
Third-year journalism student