Commentary | What’s up with the corporate ads, Daily?

Dear McGill Daily,
I get it. You are the “anti-corporation” voice of McGill (see any number of articles about the Architecture Café and McGill Food Services, or Anna Norris’ article covering a Concordia protest of “Pepsico privatization” [“Students rally against Pepsico privatization,” News, October 28]). What I am disappointed to see are advertisements for KIA, a major automobile manufacturer, gracing the back cover of your October 28 and November 4 issues. Obviously, student fees do not fund the entire newspaper’s costs, but why assist the type of business your writers so often rail against (corporations) in their most slimy form of public influence (advertising)? As Malcolm X declared in his “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech (1964): “Anytime you have to rely on your enemy for a job, you’re in bad shape.” It seems that The McGill Daily is in “bad shape,” as its values are continuously compromised.

With hope for the future,

Jonathan Cohen
U1 History (Honours)