Commentary  Privileged democracy

Re: “Marketing democracy” | Commentary | November 8

By saying “real movements require intellectual foundations, which in turn, requires substantive communication,” do you mean the time, access and money to buy the New Yorker, read Malcolm Gladwell’s article on social media and democracy they published, and then write a column in The McGill Daily about social media and democracy? Not only does your article criticize people less privileged than yourself for actively seeking information and expressing their political opinion, it ignores the larger social issues surrounding illiteracy, such as lack of access to quality, affordable education in many parts of Canada and the United States. Intellectual elitism seems like a bigger threat to informed democracy than Facebook.


Camilla Grudova
U3 Art History

P.S.: For someone writing about innumeracy, does it make sense to use data from 2003 to argue against a website (Facebook) established in 2004?