Commentary | It’s prob the full course load…

Re: “Hunting new blood” | Sports | November 1

It’s bad enough that I only ever pick up your newspaper on Mondays to do the crossword. It’s worse when I go through your paper with a highlighter to find all the errors (of which there are usually many) only to get so bored by the articles that I give up in frustration. Where do I draw the line? That would be when obvious mistakes like “axiety – but also lonliness” appear in your headlines. Even Firefox knows those aren’t words.

If this is how Montreal’s young English-language journalists write, it’s no wonder the Gazette is such a rag. At least they have the excuse of actually being a daily. What’s yours?

Jessica Patterson
U4 Education

P.S.: Your drawing of a hunter looks suspiciously like a hipster with a gun. I really doubt Canada’s youth are wandering around the woods shooting deer while wearing skinny jeans. It would be highly impractical.

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