Commentary  Israeli soldiers people; NY has better pizza, bagels

Re: “SPHR protests Israeli soldiers on campus” | News | November 4

Some clarifications for the Campus Eye on the Israeli soldiers on campus.

As the Jewish Studies Student Association president, I wanted to make a quick comment on the nature of and motives behind our event last Wednesday, in which three Israeli soldiers came for a pizza lunch. The event was planned and financed by the Birthright Alumni program and I promoted it on campus on their request. The idea behind it was to have some pizza with nice people who lead drastically different lives. The three soldiers who came were not politicians, policy-makers, journalists, or intellectuals, nor did they have any agenda beyond interacting honestly with students. Obviously, my point is to humanize them and to assert that the visit was not intended to have any political implications. Perhaps I am naïve. I would note that some of the SPHR folks did eat the free pizza, which is at least a little hypocritical. I also want to formally invite everyone to our Woody Allen movie night coming up later in this month. Free pizza will be there too, not Pizza Giovan, but free nonetheless. Lastly, Montreal pizza sucks compared to New York pizza… same goes for the bagels.

Oy vey,

Peter Fusco
U3 Political Science and Jewish Studies
JSSA President