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Re: “It’s prob the full course load” | Letters | November 4

Excited to dive into last week’s literary supplement, I eagerly opened a copy of The Daily only to be dismayed upon reading U4 Education student Jessica Patterson’s letter to the editor lambasting The Daily for, as she put it, being riddled with errors. Alas, Jessica Patterson is right: my monthly science column “The Split Brain” ran last Monday with the erroneous title “The Spilt Brain” – as if brains, which normally reside securely in the skull, were a liquid that could be sloshed around and/or spilt. I suspect that it was this error, and this error alone, that drove Jessica to ignore all the wonderfully-written articles in Monday’s issue and write her angry letter. Kudos to her for doing so! I do, however, take issue with her assertion (in postscript) that Canadians would never wander around the woods wearing skinny jeans. I can, in fact, provide photographic evidence (see the web version of this letter) of one Canadian doing just that from a Facebook album I created last spring titled “Lumberjacking.” Note the skinny jeans, boat shoes, and wooded setting.

Daniel Lametti
PhD IV Psychology