Commentary | Comma infestation in Mob McGill article

Re: “Students haven’t forgotten Arch Café” | News | October 21

Hello McGill Daily,
I just read the issue about the food boycott. Incidentally, a kind of synchronicity occurred for the second time in relation to this boycott, though it’s now technically over (?), I believe. I smiled as I ate a BLT from the Oasis sandwich counter and noted The Daily’s documented outrage against the very institution I had just patronized. Sometimes one realizes that food hasn’t touched the lips in 36 hours, and consequently one morphs into some evil capitalist; or if you’re me, this really isn’t a great departure from your regular persona. In any case, I am your worst nightmare: some kinda freaky libertarian. Anyway, I’m not looking to be THAT much of a shit disturber; I just don’t think I can write to The Daily in my right mind without a couple of snide remark about politics. But I respect; keep doin’ you, as they say…I have friends on your editorial staff (hey)!
The real purpose of this letter is to say that the article on the boycott, the McGill working group on student consultation, and Mobilization McGill was cool. Certainly, the idea of transparency is important, and I respect the push to keep the administration more accountable. BUT the article contained absolutely rampant comma mistakes! Time after time, when “Mobilization McGill” was printed, there was a comma after it – written as “Mobilization McGill,” – which was consistently off with the rest of the sentence. Very irritating! What is this? I began to think that it was part of the group’s name. Seriously, is it? Maybe you guys should hire me as a copy editor.

Take care,

Michelle MacKinnon
U3 English and Canadian Studies/Victory Lap