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Re: “Their democracy and ours” | Commentary | November 1

Upon flipping to the Commentary page this afternoon, I was appalled by Ted Sprague’s article. It was rife with overgeneralizations and blatant assertions such as “Canadian democracy is a sham,” which were rooted in nothing more than a leftist dream of the world looking like that Coca-Cola commercial where people of various ethnicities all over the world join hands and sing “Love Train” by the O’Jays. To begin with, the assertion that the removal of AGSEM’s posters is anything like the clandestine PROFUNC or the padlock laws of Maurice Duplessis is ridiculous. Yes, it is disgraceful, the amount of resistance from the administration and various other actors to the unionization of lecturers; but to compare it to being unreasonably detained without trial or unfounded infringement on economic freedoms is a horrendous overstatement that changes this article from an honest plea for the rights of workers to a neo-Bolshevik conspiracy theory that is seemingly bent on world revolution.

Myles Anevich
U2 Political Science and History

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