Commentary  Another choice

If you’re pregnant and don’t want an abortion, there could be help

As a young woman in her early twenties, I sometimes find myself thinking about having my own kids in the future. I talked to my mom about it on the phone the other day, and being the typical parent, she started listing off all the practical considerations that I need to think about before I made a decision like this. Would I be able to financially support the child? Would I have enough time to give them the attention that they need? Do I know people in my social network who would be willing to provide me with resources and care when I needed it? I gave my standard “don’t worry, Mom” answer and hung up.

I did think about it though. I thought about friends and acquaintances who were mothers and complained about how many diapers and baby wipes they had to go through, how little sleep they got, and how mentally draining it could get to be a new parent. It’s highly uncommon to hear a new mother say, “Oh yeah, it’s a piece of cake.” Yet there are mothers all around us, some young, some old, and some who take on the difficult task of being both mom and student and who are studying on our campus. Then there are those moms who unexpectedly find themselves in a crisis pregnancy. These women are suddenly faced with all of the questions that my own mother mentioned, and so many more – only they have less than nine months to try and figure it all out.

As most people would probably do in a time of confusion and uncertainty, these women could turn to their families and those around them for support or advice. It is wonderful if her family and peers are willing to care for her and will do the same for her baby, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. In fact, instead of receiving support, some women are told that there’s one “easy” option to settle her “problem,” and it’s abortion. In some cases, she is told by her family, friends, and even the father of the child that it is her only option. The most vulnerable and dependent people in this situation are the mother and the child who depends on her. Who does she turn to when she is told she has no other option?
Women deserve better than abortion. A pregnant woman deserves to be told that she is loved and the child she carries is deserving of that love also. She has the right to keep her child and nurture them, as a woman and as a mother. Fortunately, for those who do not have the support and resources that they need, there are crisis pregnancy centres, which work toward providing them with some of these necessities.

Choose Life is holding a diaper drive next week from November 15 to 19. The goal of our diaper drive is to support those women who have chosen to be mothers and need our help. Some crisis pregnancy centres have expressed their need for diapers, baby toys, and cradles for these mothers. We will also be taking donations which will be put specifically toward purchasing these items. We invite you to help us ensure no mom ever feels like abortion is her only option.

Mary Yang, U3 Psychology, is Choose Life’s Pregnancy Support Committee co-chair.