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Trib flubs Arch Caf’ ’cott cred

Dear Daily,
For those of you who also read the Tribune, I wanted to make a clarification: I didn’t start the boycott of McGill Food Services, even though I am credited as doing that in the last issue of the Tribune (“SSMU will support campus food boycott,” October 5). While it’s flattering to think I would have that level of influence on campus, it’s not true and I should note that I have also never claimed to have started the boycott. I think some confusion arose because I started a Facebook group, but the reality is that the boycott is the product of a lot of people’s initiatives. In fact, AUS Council voted to endorse the boycott on September 21, hours after the Arch Café protest was dismissed by campus administrators. A lot of the heavy lifting has been done by the kids at Midnight Kitchen and former members of the Arch Café Mobilization Committee, now Mobilization McGill. So, like all great things, the boycott is the collective work of many, many people, and I hope it stays that way.

Erin Hale
U3 Philosophy
Daily staffer
Former McGill Daily News editor