Commentary  GA resolution recommendations

Resolution Regarding Gender Parity
Vote no. The whereas clauses of this motion use a false appeal to anti-oppressive language to distract from the reality of the gender parity policy. For example, the resolution states that gender parity forces people who don’t want to identify with a gender to do so. On the contrary, by using male-identifying and non-male-identifying as categories, it empowers all people marginalized because of their gender or lack thereof. These provisions of council and General Assembly functioning were instituted precisely in order for us to remain vigilant in our recognition of the misogynistic and transphobic tendencies of participatory bodies like those in SSMU. Misogyny hasn’t gone anywhere, neither should gender parity.

Resolution Regarding AUS Fundraiser
Vote Yes. SSMU should support students wherever possible, and the financial problems of AUS this year were caused in large part by mismanagement from past executives. Student solidarity is crucial here.

Resolution Regarding Volume in Gert’s
No, but this resolution should send Gert’s a message: Turn the volume down during the day. It’s too god damn loud.

Resolution Regarding Liability
No. This motion would change the official name of SSMU to the Students’ Society of The Educational Institute Roughly Bounded by Peel, Penfield, University, Sherbrooke, and Mac Campus (SSTEIRBBPPUSAMC). A very funny poke at the administration’s paranoia about liability issues, but it would just be a pain if it actually happened.

Resolution Regarding Student-Run Printing Services
Neutral. Again, it is utterly crucial for SSMU to support student-run initiatives, but we understand the print shop that SSMU currently uses is also a locally-owned, progressive business worth supporting.

Resolution Regarding the Maintenance of the SSMU Liquor License
Yes. This would bring SSMU in accordance with Quebec law, which sounds good to us. Gert’s is a good source of revenue, as well as a good time.

The General Assembly will be held this evening at 6 p.m. in the SSMU Cafeteria.