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Big Freedia

October 3 | Espace Réunion (6600 Hutchinson)

Sissy Bounce is shaking its ass out of New Orleans and is about to jump your bones. Bounce music has been around since Mardi Gras in the late 80s when MC T Tucker came out with “Where Dey At,” rapping call and response chants over a triggerman beat. The genre’s signature drum and bass backbeat, combined with aggressive, sexually-directive vocals, compel and command you to shake your ass like it has never before been shaken.

Sissy Bounce is bounce music queered; gay and trans people from Louisiana and the Deep South are singing, sampling, and rapping amazing bump and grind music from a perspective that defies notions of “dick” and “pussy” as bounce music would normatively have it.

Big Freedia, legendary sissy bounce Diva, is gracing us with her powerful presence this year at Pop. Her live show is as much a celebration of booty busting as it is a vocal assault. She will tell you to put your hands on the wall with your ass stretched three feet behind you, and you will like it. “You can take [her] how you want [her] cos she’s a real-ass bitch,” delighting and confusing audiences everywhere with a gender expression that is fierce, confident, and explosive.

Although it’s been almost seven years since the release of her second album, Queen Diva (2003), she has been traveling North America in a recent spate of tours, and will host a free workshop for Pop at Espace Reunion on Sunday, October 3. She’s inviting all who might be interested to “find your inner pussy” and work those ass cheeks to their maximum potential. You could skip the workshop and just catch Big Freedia’s show later that same day – but if you do that, will you be READY FOR ASS EVERYWHERE???